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You Are the Bridge Generation of the Spiritual Awakening

you are the Bridge Generation of the Spiritual Awakening

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 you are the Bridge Generation

June 20,2023


This group of Higher Light Beings talk about how you are the Bridge Generation.

This message of love and support reminds you of your choice to be here. You have intentionally chosen to forget all that you are so that you can be here in this now moment and enjoy the different experiences available to you. Ones that you would not have a full immersion if you remembered all.

And that all of us on this path go through a moment where our ability to be in lower and higher densities at the same time creates a movement away from those that we feel attached to. This is why many who identify as Lightworkers, wayshowers and Starseeds go through the dark night of the soul. Where there is intense loneliness and for many, a deep introspection and examining of one’s life and place within the greater scheme of things.

As a bridge being, you may feel a great sense of loss or disconnection. Being neither here, nor there. The lower density or the higher. But these beings talk about how neither is right or wrong, you simply have the ability and awareness now to choose where you want to be.

If you are feeling like all of this introspection means that you are not participating in the awakening. Or that you are somehow having guilt or discomfort around not being directly in service to the plants, animals, other beings in on or around Gaia or the planet herself. Know that simply by going through this process you are helping to dismantle the old ways of being that are no longer serving the greater good.

You become a beacon of light to those who have known you. And that you actually are helping / being in service by allowing yourself to go through these transitions.

In addition to this detailed spiritual peptalk, they also share a very simple observation on how manifesting works. An example that allows you to access what you want to create without much for us and trying.

Lastly to remind you that your journey is your own. And when you understand this and embrace it, there is a comfort in knowing that whatever you are doing is perfect for you.

All of this information and support is brought forward in this message and channelled into the art and light codes within it.

Overall a very useful message for you in whatever moment you see it.

this original piece and others are available on my website at https://light

Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one.
Thank you for being you


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