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about me

It is my hope that you will find this a place of refuge. To learn, recharge and spark your inner joy!
about tanya kucey and lightcode

About Tanya

Hello! I’m a joy-filled being of light in beautiful BC, Canada.  Fortunate to spend my days creating, painting, channeling spirit, teaching and inspiring wonderful people around the world as they go through their Awakening experience.

I have an ongoing love affair with my Youtube channel where I upload weekly videos of channeled messages, my art process and interview series Women Working With Light. There is also a Podcast Show Page  where you can find details about the guest, extra video and more.

I started my work as a healer, spiritual guide and crystal whisperer. 

I have some special Starbrary (star + library = starbrary) Quartz crystals on this site with with more in my etsy shop LightcodeStudio.

If you have any questions or requests for articles or videos, feel free to contact me.

My Values

As an earth aware being since childhood, I have strived to be sustainable and conscious in my practices. This includes ethically sourced crystals, gems and materials + using recycled materials in packaging whenever I can.

My speciality is ethically sourced crystals which are brought forward with love and care for them and the environment. Hand picked and curated by me for you as a starseed, lightworker, way shower, empath/sensitive and spiritual person.

It is my hope that you will find this a place of refuge. To learn, recharge and spark your inner joy! And if you are so called, to bring a crystal ally, light code activation, energetic healing or art in to your life.


Thank you for being here at this time. 
For shining your light, for healing yourself and there for all of those who affected by your energy field
and for simply being you.

My gratitude and love,


Galactic Channel, Artist, Crystal Whisperer and Light Code Activator

“Journey within
and let your imagining begin

Tanya Kucey