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What is a Spiritual Awakening?​

In this time of great change, you have discovered that there is more to life than you previously believed. That you have more choice and freedom in your existence than you ever thought possible. This shift in awareness is like waking from a dream – into a new life and consciousness.

Along with the excitement of so much to discover, there is also the challenge of feeling like you are going through this alone.

Here is where you’ll find knowledge, support and purpose on your path back to remembering that you are a bridge between the earth and stars.  



Spiritual Guidance

Awakening is a process. Having someone to support and guide you back to remembering is invaluable. Discover Channeled Starseed Readings, 1 on 1 sessions and profound shifts with energetic healing like the Merkaba Merkaba Light Body Healing

Lightcodes & Activation Art

Remember your Starseed Origins, feel a spark of inspiration, remember your power and feel loved and supported. Channeled paintings and prints co-created with beings from the Galactic, Angelic and Elemental realms.

Starbrary Crystals

Discover a world of information, support and activations in crystals coded with the information and love from different Galactic Starseed races. Ethically sourced with love and respect for these crystalline energies and our environment.

“You are created from the stars dear one,
never forget your value ”

Tanya Kucey


Let me tell you a little something about me...

Hey, I’m Tanya! 

I’ve been able to connect with Elementals, Spirit, Angels and Higher resonance frequencies as long as I can remember.

Since 2012 or so, my abilities became more streamlined to channeling Galactic Lightbeings and now my focus is to support lightworkers and starseeds just like you. As you begin to awaken and need some support from you Spirit, Galactic and soul family.

Tanya Kucey of Lightcode studio and


Whether you’re curious about sessions, channeled activation art or starbrary crystals, I’m here to answer your questions.