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How to Find Peace as a Starseed

How to Find Peace as a Starseed

An Arcturian Starseed Channeled Message.

Hello dear one!  Are you feeling a sense of aloneness? Or perhaps anxiety, fear or stress about shiftinging in to a new level of understanding that is different for those you know? Maybe you are feeling uncomfortable to talk about your new discoveries – or perhaps you want to connect, but the people you know just don’t get it.


Consider the importance of understanding the balance you need between your relationship with the earth and nature with your spiritual experience. Where are you feeling out of alignment in your day-to-day life? Where do you feel off?


Focus your intention there and begin to explore with love what might bring you harmony.


Find what makes your heart happy.

Follow that line. That is the simplest way.


For many it is because you have lost your remembering of your connection with the Earth. Today we will start with that …


-the Arcturian Council of Light

 Scroll down to watch the video and hear the full channeled message from the Arcturian Council of Light. Plus watercolor techniques to make art for your Spiritual Awakening. This channeled painting we co-created is part of the Galactic Love Notes Series.

 Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one
Thank you for being you

PS.  Are you having a tough time? Feeling like you’re all alone and need some guidance?
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C H A P T E R S 

– – – – – – – – –

0:00 intro

0:42 Getting ready to paint

2:08 Swatches & Pens

4:14 wet on wet 

5:25 pigments and layering


14:52 Finished Painting




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