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You’re Such A Know It All – Rising Above Hurtful Words as a Sensitive Soul

Rising above hurtful words
as a sensitive soul.

You’re such a know-it-all!⁣

This simple sentence is something that has altered the life of many sensitive souls.⁣

Back before you understood that what people say is a reflection of their own experience and really has nothing to do with you, you were likely impacted by judgment and negative comments in a profound way. Hurtful words which made you feel very small. Or stupid. Or that what you said was not valid.⁣

Talk about a the perfect setup for creating an insular, self-deprecating, self controlling and sensitive self ! ⁣

But things have changed dear one. You’ve done the work. Walked the Dark Night of the Soul and found peace as you are accepting and loving who you are. But you’re human! Even though you might know this on the inside (like in your logical brain) your little one inside, your sweet heart needs to be reminded.⁣

So tell your heart. Tell your inner child. Tell yourself:

It’s okay to not know everything.⁣

⁣It’s okay to let go of feeling like you have to hold on tightly, to maintain a sense of control and power or show others you know more than they do. Because its not really about them, this is your self living in the old patterns.

It’s okay to be living in the now.⁣ It’s okay to trust in yourself.

And simply by being here. Reading this.
You’re already doing it.
You’re on the journey of self confidence and trusting your intuition.⁣

So give yourself a gargantuan BIG HUG from me today.
Then hug yourself and let it sink in that you’re doing great! You’re exactly where you need to be.
Even if it doesn’t feel like it in this moment.

And know there are those around to support you. You need simply ask.




There is community when you need it. 
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