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You’re not doing it wrong

You're Not Doing it Wrong

Pleiadian Council of Light. Channeled Message

C H A P T E R S 
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Pleiadian Channel transcript, March 28th, 2023

If at this time you don’t understand what is happening. Or you are frustrated. Or you feel that those around you do not understand: your friends your family your co-workers your relationships. And you want them to come with you (into the spiritual Awakening). And you want them to understand what you are going through… Remember that your journey is your own

And your journey is allowed to be up and down. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong dear one, oh no oh no! You are doing it perfectly right.

You are doing it as you.

And that is the joy of the human experience. That is the joy of bringing forward your light.
Do you see?

You are bringing your light, your experience, which indeed translates into energy.
And the energy, as you perceive it is frequency. Vibration. Simply like a sound wave.

Where you can see the waves coming up. And going down. And going up, then coming down.


And does the light feel worse when it has the bad experiences and only feels like it should be up? Oh no, it must have the up and the down.
That is what makes it the light

And it is the same with you dear one.


So enjoy those experiences. Live them to the fullest . And when you are completed you can let them go and move on.
And this is part of the journey of the Starseed and the Lightworker. This is part of the journey of the Awakening. You step through all of these moments.

For you see in order to embrace the light you must have the dark. And to have the dark there is the light.

Do you see how this gives you a hope at the end of the tunnel? That if you are having a direct experience, you are capable of having the same in the light.

So do not begrudge those moments where it is difficult. Learn from them. Enjoy them. Then let it go. Knowing that it is transient and that you will move into the periods of light again.

And how does this translate for you on your day to day dear one?

It can look like feeling when you are brand new to this experience. Being confused, and overwhelmed and frustrated. Because there is so much information . So much, so much, so much!

And we encourage you to go and find and search what is there.

*Do you see how this activates within you, this need to learn more?*

And in learning more you begin to trust yourself.


And so this is another journey that you might be experiencing.

To trust your intuition.
To trust your heart your inner knowing. To use discernment.

And what is discernment it is simply a matter of discovering what choices are available and choosing that which is right to you.

You don’t have to be told what to do you. You do not need a guru. You do not need to follow anybody.

You can you can be interested and learn and then move on if it does not feel right.
That is using your choice.
That is your free will.
That is your discernment.

To decide what works for you and then to move on if it no longer works.

You have to go through the harder time to learn what it is like on the other side. And why is that?

Because you can take that information and use it to help others.

You see?

Simply by being you and having that experience. You were helping others.

Or you can use it as a healer. A teacher. With intention.
And help those who have gone through what you have gone through.

This is how it (Ascension) works. Step by step by step. You are all helping each other. To lift up your vibration. To lift up the consciousness of your planet, Lady Earth Gaia.

-the Pleiadian Council of Light

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 Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one
Thank you for being you


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