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Starseed Readings, Lightworker Guidance, Distance Healing with Tanya Kucey

Channeled Readings  |  Intuitive Guidance Distance HealingTestimonials You may also want to learn About me and my background.


Hello Starseed and Spiritual Seeker.

Whether you are starting out on your journey or beginning to connect with others by offering your knowledge and healing, this is an exciting time for you!  As you assist in raising the collective consciousness it is essential to be aware of your own energy, abilities and boundaries.

My services support you in getting over the hurdles and transitions of being on the earth plane as a spiritual being.

As a channeler, healer and intuitive guide, I am here to help you as you discover your inner knowing and highest potential. To help you remember how amazing you truly are. 


I have had the honour of working with some stellar people all over the world who have left amazing feedback and testimonials. 


I am always happy to hear from you! Answer questions and discuss how we might work together.  Take that step into supporting yourself and  send me a message, or book a session


1-1 Intuitive Guidance for Starseeds with Tanya Kucey

1-1 Intuitive Guidance & Support

Awakening is not for the faint of heart.  But you’ve got this – courageous soul !

Not so long ago, I was in the same place you likely are.
Experiencing all kinds of “ascension symptoms”.  Feeling like I was on a treadmill of continually releasing old trauma – but not feeling better. No connection to mainstream anything, and feeling afraid of being judged if I shared my spiritual interests or beliefs. I was overwhelmed with all the 3d to 5d, starseed and galactic origin, ascension and awakening content on the internet – not sure what I needed.

The biggest challenge? Like you, I was aware I had spiritual intuition and abilities, yet struggled to embody them with confidence, ease and love. Then as many highly sensitive starseeds do, I put the majority of my energy into others to heal and support them.  I was really good at it!   But unfortunately not as good at taking care of myself.

  • I didn’t have decent boundaries in place
  • I didn’t understand my own energy. How to balance it or use my intuitive empathic skills. Leaving me overwhelmed by taking on emotions of other people, places and situations
  • My extraordinary sensitivity turned living into surviving. I restricted by connections and hid from life
  • And I’d even forgotten about my special relationship with nature and spirit

There were so many dark times throughout my life where I could have benefited from guidance to help me on my path. Someone who could shed some light and maybe leave some bread crumbs back to loving myself.

Now I’ve become the guide I so desperately needed!

And it is my joy to offer this kind of support for you.


As an intuitive session, we may cover any of the following, or your own topic

  • having a space to just defrag with a soul sister who’s been there and gets it! Where you can speak your truth, talk of concepts, knowledge and words of galactic groups, light language, Schumann resonance, ascension, spirit, etc… without fear of judgement
  • to define where and how to set your boundaries and discover where you need help standing strong
  • to address ascension symptoms
  • to get perspective on your spiritual practice; how to connect with or channel spirit, galactics or your clients if you are doing service work

Defrag or Deep Dive. the time and choice is yours.

Contact me if you have any questions or you are ready to book.


Channeled Readings for Starseeds

Channeled Readings

Channeled Messages from your higher dimensional galactic energy team

You are remembering who you are and coming into the energy of your multidimensional self. Sometimes that journey can feel lonely or disconnect. This is for you now that you are ready to connect to what is surfacing for you as a spiritual seeker, lightworker or starseed.

As you are feeling called to the energy of Ascension, Awakening, Starseeds or Galactic family, this is for you.

You are a beautiful being of light and it is my honor to channel galactic galactic family / higher dimensional frequencies for you.

Your session is channeled then available as a downloadable 30 to 45 minute audio. The channeled message specifically for you from a known galactic starseed race such or higher dimensional groups of consciousness who often are present without name but rather frequency or emotion.

There are hundreds of starseed races, but most well known include Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Andromedan, Lyran, Venusian (aka Hathor),  Orion, Cassiopeian, Ursa Minor, Atlantean, Lemurian, Leo (akaAgarthan) Blue Avians, Alpha Centaurian, Beta Centurian (aka Hadrian), benevolent Draconian- because yes that’s a thing and so many more.

Every transmission is different, but the underlying messages all are filled with love and support. Encouragement and often missing pieces which have been available to you but not seen. Either they needed validation or a light shone on them so you can view them in a different way then proceed forward on your soul path.

I look forward to being able to channel energy for you and I’m excited to meet you and your team!

You will receive a downloadable recording, plus any additional images if those come through as well.
(in your own currency if you are in us/australia/nz).
All other countries are usd.

Contact me if you have any questions or you are ready to book.





Merkaba Light Body Healing
Although you are excited to be on your path, you still may be feeling overwhelmed or drained. Often you are helping others more than yourself or you may just be coming into new gifts and not sure how it’s all meant to work yet.

This is deep work effected by a gentle alignment that will create profound shifts in your energy. It clears off any energies you may perceive as lower level, creating space to expand and assimilate your energy bodies into higher frequencies.

This session will benefit you if you’re starting your journey or already in service doing energy work, healing or teaching.

Session Details

Appointments are done remotely as I work in the etheric field, and recorded as audio files for you to download. Within the quantum realm there is no space or time meaning you can choose when you want your attunement to happen simply by listening to your audio file. You can revisit it when you feel you need.

As the healing and integration process can create substantial shifts, 15min follow-up support chat is included.

Session Includes

– Distance Healing & Attunement + downloadable audio file
– 15 minute, 1:1 online chat via Zoom
– Distance Healing & Attunement as downloadable audio file.
– 15 minute, 1:1 online chat via Zoom

Please allow yourself a quiet or meditative space for the best results, in a space where you wont be disturbed.

60min Energetic Healing Session
3 Session Package  $397

Send me a message to BOOK A SESSION and I look forward to hearing from you!





about me

Hello, I’m Tanya!
I’ve been able to connect with Elementals, Spirit, Angelics, higher resonance frequencies and galactic beings as long as I can remember.  Since 2012 or so, my abilities became more streamlined and now my focus is to support lightworkers and starseeds just like you. As you begin to awaken and need some support, love and guidance from you Spirit, Galactic and soul family.


I have a lifelong love of learning!

In additional to spiritual and healing work, I’ve worked with many disciplines including: art & design, multimedia design, curriculum development and teaching, intuitive guidance and confidence coaching for highly sensitive empaths and as a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner DCH



Lightcode Studio, my etsy shop since 2012 has expanded from ethically sourced Starbrary Crystals to include spiritual art and channeled reading bundles. That’s Lightcode Studio


One shop here and one on etsy.  I’ve also worked as a professional educator, artist, designer and in the vet biz as a VOA then with my own animal care business.


Whether you are a spiritual seeker beginning your journey or an experienced practitioner or reader yourself, you will benefit from any of my sessions. I look forward to connecting with you!


Need more info? Ready to book a session? Send me a message and lets get you the love and support you need!