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Why Starseeds Need Balanced Energy

Why Starseeds Need Balanced Energy

why starseeds need balanced energy

As a starseed you have some unique challenges.

Your physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies are all undergoing radical change. You might find that your ability to roll with things is not quite so easy as it used to be.

Perhaps you’re discovering that you have a new awareness into stressors which were not there in the past.

In the beginning, everything can seem like too much. But this is part of the wonderful gift you have been presented with! You now have an opportunity to learn how to care for yourself and trust what you need.

Such as deep feeling and empathic abilities – and the overwhelm that can come on without having proper boundaries in place. You may feel more compassion or drive to connect with people, places and things and you have in the past. On one level these are all amazing experiences and part of the shift in consciousness that is happening on the planet at the moment.

However, it also means that it is time for you to step up. Not simply to what is happening around you, but understanding that part of this process is doing the deep dive into self-awareness.


One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a starseed is being aware of your energy

Each person experiences this differently, but all star seeds have a natural energetic sensitivity. You are holding more light and higher frequency now. Part of this process means that your body is shifting physically in order to keep up.

Regardless of your age, you may suddenly find that your energy is not the same. And it’s not!

This is why it is essential to find techniques and methods that you like which give you an accurate idea of where your energy levels are at. So that you understand what is your energy before you go out into the world and encounter that of others. (and yes online totally counts!).  As well as understanding that you may have times where you will experience temporary changes. Often referred to as upgrades or Ascension symptoms.

You are becoming more attuned to the energies around you including those of people, places, things and even your solar system.  Especially now in 2021 of the solar activity is becoming more intense and we are exposed to more diverse and intense frequencies of light.


Do you recall that amazing feeling where you’re calm, connected, relaxed and full of vitality?

That’s what it’s like when your energy bodies are working the way they should be. There is an effortless flow of energy in to and out of your system and you can easily roll with what life throws your way.


But then life happens, doesn’t it?

Its amazing how quickly you can become unbalanced if you’re not paying attention. Difficult experiences, ongoing minor stressors, working too hard and  taking on the energy of others happens to the best of us. All these small things can add up and weaken your energetic and psychic fields.

Yet when it builds up and being out of balance is more state of being than not. Or when you experience disturbances to your energy field (aka trauma) and encounter discordant energy, your body is not as resistant to taking on the vibration of people, places and things.

Why Starseeds Need Balanced Energy

This is where you as an awakened being have the choice to step up and protect yourself.

Our bodies are amazing at keeping us balanced in homeostasis. But they cannot do it on their own.  Part of being a starseed is knowing that you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to share your knowledge, gifts and light with others.

By understanding when you are “good to go” and when you need to rest. By understanding which methods of self-care or going to give you the best results. And by learning to trust your heart and emotions.


Did you know your chakras act of built-in energy monitors?
Chakras are our own personal portals of light allowing information and energy to flow into and out of our entire being. Yet when they go out of balance your entire system can become misaligned and your energy does not flow as it should.

Your energy field as a whole or individual chakras may show signs of blockage, clogging, fractures, splintering, recesses, weakness etc.

As a distance healer what I see most commonly in sensitive souls, starseeds and healers is a reaching out and extension of the energetic light points which make up the chakra. Often as an over compensation for other chakras which have become weaker or have energetic attachments.

One of the great advantages of distance healing is that it brings your system back into alignment and give you the ability to feel comfortable again. Thats why I specialize in integrating higher frequencies into the body so that you can have a much easier ride down here on planet Earth.

Its great to have someone eles’s point of view! Personally I love working with others healers as they have a perspective about my personal energy that I just can’t access.


When you start to tap into old energy patterns that no longer work with your current vibration, that is where you can get challenges.
This is where many people begin to encounter what some call “the Dark Night of the Soul”. Or trauma release work.

The title doesn’t matter but the concept is the same, it is old patterns of energy that surface so that they can be recognized consciously and then released by letting the emotions be felt. That’s why it’s essential to have somebody working with you.

Many of us who have been through this process did it in a time when there was not an awareness of star seeds, galactics or even the concepts of energetics. It wasn’t socially acceptable or even known. So we did it alone.

But you don’t have to. You have the benefit of knowledge, social connection, groups and community. And now you have the awareness that it’s essential to have support. Physical and emotional therapy is really valuable as is a place where you feel you can talk openly. Whether that is like minded friends, social media groups or community.

As with all things spiritual, use your discernment. Spend some time researching and take what works for you and let go of what does not. But treat yourself as you would your best friend, reach out and find the support that is going to work for you.


If you want to start the process of energy balancing by yourself, you can.
Begin by using your intention to release any energies not for your highest good. BUT define what highest good means to you!

Sometimes for the highest good might mean that you need to go through a healing crisis. If it isn’t something you’re ready for and you dont have any supports in place, it can be pretty intense.  Other times it might mean being a catalyst to change for others. Again, sometimes that’s also not comfortable.

Learning about your chakras is a wonderful way to start because there is so much great information out there. Once you begin to continue this shift through your own work, you will find that the subtleties of becoming aware of your own energetic system will lead to creating a balance both in your physical and energetic being.

Have fun exploring ways to get aware of and balance your energy.
And if you need a little help,  drop a comment in below or contact me.


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