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What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

How to get through the dark night of the soul

How to Get Through the Dark Night of the Soul

June 27, 2023
The Dark Night of the Soul is one of the biggest challenges you may ever go through. For some its a one-off difficult time. For others, it is ongoing.  So the question is…how do you get through it?

Each one of us experiences this shift it in our own way. Yet the similar thread for all of us is how it teaches us to learn how ask for help. And this is us learning to love and respect ourselves as spiritual beings having an earth experience.

In this channeled message from Archangel Metatron he speaks about this very thing.

So even though things are difficult, if you are seeing this because life is hard and you are looking for something, anything to help. Take solace in what gives you comfort.

What can soothe you and ease your mind without harming your being?

If you feel you can be around others, find a trusted friend and talk to them. Seek out help from a wellness practitioner. Whether that’s mental health support or physical touch. Practice the self-care techniques that work for you. It doesn’t mean you have to take a sits bath or sit in the lotus position for an hour, it might simply be hanging out with your favourite animal companion or having a walk in nature, creating crystal grid or playing with Oracle cards.

Do whatever makes YOU feel good and they go with the rest

Know that it is a journey. It is a process. There’s no point to say things will get better because we are in a duality world. Expereiences come and go. Often it’s better only to slide back down again. Thing to remember is that with every difficult time you go through, you are stronger and the next time will be easier.

Are you going through this right now? How are you navigating your shadow work?
If you feel called, take a moment and share your experiences in the comments. You never know who you might be helping simply by being you. 

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