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What Does it Mean to be Multidimensional

What Does it Mean to be Multidimensional?

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What Does it Mean to be Multidimensional?

June 27, 2023
Multidimensionality is an interesting concept for sure!
Yet, one that we may all experience in our own unique way. But to keep things simple, it means that you are living an existence in many energetic places at the same time. 
When you are in your day to day life, odds are you’re up in your head. Thinking and processing.  you are very much in the duality of the third dimensional reality. Dealing with the push and pull of up and down, in and out, good and bad and all the opposition.

Often times surviving rather than thriving because you’ve had to learn how to exist in some tough circumstances.

This means you are focused on accomplishing goals. In  order to do that as a spiritual being having an earthly experience, you’ve agreed to adhere to the general laws of “earth school” Things like gravity and time moving in a linear way forward and the human physical body.

Yet have you noticed…
That in those moments of stillness, where your mind stops moving. That space opens up into quietude. And in that space often comes information and a connection to something that feels deeper.

A connection that feels loving and supportive. One that contains your higher self. Maybe your guides and ancestors, and beloved spirit.

When you are in that state, have you noticed afterwards that time seems to have disappeared?
It is the same when you read a book and don’t realize what you’ve just read, when you are washing the dishes and are suddenly finished but don’t remember doing them, when you go for a walk and have completely “zoned out “…

That is actually you living in a different vibration, a different dimension. This is the experience of the fifth dimension and higher dimensions where there is no time. Where there is thought and feelings which manifest directly into experience.

And this, my friend, is you living in and having a multi dimensional experience. 

So the question to ask next is:
now that I am conscious of this ability, what am I going to create with it next?! 


Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one.
Thank you for being you


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