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What are Light Codes

What Are Light Codes?

What are Light Codes? Essential information for you as a Starseed and Lightworker.

What are lightcodes and how do you access them?

June 27, 2023
Light codes are a manifestation of higher vibrational energies and information that are anchored into our third dimensional Earth experience through different beings on the planet – even including you! They are a co-creation between the energies that are sending it and those who channel it.
They can be manifested as visual language spoken or toned through movement of the body or dance. Signing with the hands or intentional movement.
It can also come through in your dreams. Connecting with higher dimensions or Realms through astral realms, meditation into your subconscious. They are often referred to as downloads and can be held within your beingness on all levels.
If you are reading this article, then you are a sensitive person and very likely able to bring through light codes. 
The next time you’re meditating,  give it a try and see what happens. 

Are you going to try to connect with light codes? Maybe you’re doing it already. 
Take a moment and share your experiences in the comments. you never know who you might be helping simply by being you. 

Want to Learn more about Lightcodes with details on how to access them?
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what are lightcodes? how do I channel light codes?

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