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Welcome to Lightcode

What a fun journey it has been to get to this place! 


I’ve had a lifetime filled with an interest in rocks, crystals, gemstones and minerals. Always coming and going until my collection decided that it needed to be a store. And the crystals themselves started to communicate with me in a way that I understood.


I started my online shop in 2013 but had been working with crystals and orgonite for a few years before that.


It became more than just a feeling. It became a connection. An understanding that they had a healing mission and needed to get out and help those that needed it.


One day I realized I was actually communicating with them. That listening to the subtle thoughts and feelings I was having with the crystals weren’t random. They were happening with specific crystals or stones in the same way.


In the last few years it has been very clear that there is a new type of crystal. Well not new. Simply that their energy has shifted to be more in our awareness.


These are the Lightbrary and Starbrary quartz crystals as they are called.


As a crystal whisperer I think they were always there, I just didn’t see them or speak the language at that time.


Then that energy focused and it was clear my work was to help them connect with those of you who need them.


As a spiritually connected and aware being I’ve always been in tune with the finer energies. what people would call the channel I suppose.


Those of you that connect with the energies around galactic family, star seeds, light workers, wayshow-ers however you id, you are here at the time of a great awakening. A shift in consciousness that you were part of simply by being the beautiful being that you are.


And part of that is working with tools and energies that you align with. Part of that is activations through energy work and practices, exposure to people and places that trigger awareness.


And part of what I do which is channeling light codes or helping people see them and the activated by them in these amazing crystals


I hope you enjoyed my little story today and I look forward to hanging out with you here and in my Instagram stories.


Lemurian crystal Pleiadian lightworker starseed sirian starseed crystal crystal cluster et crystal galactic orion starseed arcturian lemurian seed

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