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Pleiadian Message

A message from the Pleiadian Council of Light

You are here as an experiencer. You are here to travel through this three-dimensional density and understand that in every moment you have choice. That in every moment you are anchoring the light that is around you Into the Earth plane, into this shared experience.

You do not need to identify as a starseed to benefit from this joyful and loving message from the Pleiadians!

Although channeled in the week of April 12 to 18, 2021 whenever you hear this message, the timing will be right for you.

They share how to move through energy as we are experiencing symptoms of our ascension and learning how to anchor light. Like your spiritual cheerleading support squad!

You are a beautiful being of light. Thank you for being on the planet at this time. Thank you for being you.

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Originally Channeled with the Pleiadians Apr 9, 2021


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