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Manifesting When You Fear the Future

How to Manifest when you fear the future

C H A P T E R S 
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0:00 intro
0:26 what I’m doing today
1:25 ASMR moment with paper texture
1:36 channeled message
11:24 light code activation
15:28 finished painting & my thoughts

HOW TO MANIFEST when You Fear the Future

may 28,2023
How do you manifest the life that you want when you fear the unknown?
By remembering the power of Love. It’s always within you to create what you wish to experience.Its simply remembering that you can.
In this channeled message and activation art with light codes, I am working with the ascended master, St Germain.
He comes forward with a loving and supportive message filled with knowledge and perspective on how to create what we want.
Whether we are new to the process or old pros, this will give you some perspective on what to do in your day to day life to shift back into a flow state.

Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one.
Thank you for being you


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