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How To Raise Your Consciousness

How to Raise your consciousness

C H A P T E R S 
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0:00 intro
0:27 What Im doing today
3:03 Channeled Message
5:58  Light language codes & Activatio
17:28 Final Painting

Channeled Message with a group of higher light beings, april 8, 2023

Imagine being handed a manual for navigating your spiritual journey. Especially for those moments when you feel confused by the whole process. Where you feel like you should be in a higher vibration but you’re not. How exactly do you get there? And do you actually need to go there? What is the whole point of it all?!

Enjoy this channeled message as I create an incredible painting + one I have been working on and off with for over a year! I call it galaxia and it contains so many planets I’ve lost count.

The channeling is with a group of higher dimensional light beings. They come through with easy to understand information which is both supportive and loving for you on your spiritual journey.

 Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one
Thank you for being you


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