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How to Make a Difference as a Starseed

How to 
Make a Difference
 as a Starseed and Lightworker.


How to make a difference
as a Starseed Lightworker


So you’ve remembered who you are and you’re ready to speak up – make changes for the better and be part of the solution – whoo hoot!
Yet now you’re probably asking “How the heck do I do this?”   

The answer is easy: You do it by being yourself. 
Ummmmm, say what now?”  No really.  It’s true.   As an aware being on a spiritual journey, you already know you are carrying information and the resonance of change making. That’s why you are asking these questions.  What you may be missing is the confidence to trust yourself. To know that your intuition is right and that you already “on your path”.

It’s not as hard as you think to get started.

Your curiosity and ‘playtime’ with different concepts, writings, videos and conversations is your way to growth and change.

Start by showing up with your boundaries, thoughts and beliefs sorted.
But not inflexible. Use your discernment – keep what resonates and makes you excited. Let go of what does not. Do remember that even if your physical body isn’t on the front lines, your energetic one is. So while you go though this process, as it becomes part of you, others see it. And its a sort of silent permission to them. Similar perhaps to an experience or connection you may of had that spurred you on to explore more.   Your journey can be a green light for those who are afraid to speak their mind. Seeing your example can be that final stepping stone in sharing their views, being their authentic selves and understanding that maybe . . . maybe they can do it do and feel safe.   Keep on being you, dear one! Simply by being an aware person on the earth plane at this time means you are already making a difference.

There is no one true way – or set of steps required to attain a level or status. Your opinion of you is the only one that matters.

The best thing is to keep on learning, growing and showing up. That is how you share your knowledge. That is how you share your light and that, my dear friend, is how you make a difference.

And thank you for that.

PS. There are so many around to support you.
Use social media to find groups and connect. Did you know I have a Starseed Chat group on Telegram?  And of course the great starseed community on my Youtube channel commenting and helping in the community tab. 

If you need a little personalized help,  drop a comment in below, contact me or book a session .

Looking to talk about your awakening journey or need some support as a sensitive person? You may want to check out my offerings for 1-1 Intuitive Guidance or Channeled Starseed Readings

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