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How to Connect to Light Language

How to Connect with Light Language

C H A P T E R S 
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0:00 intro
0:29 What I’m doing today
2:58 Visualization Exercise to Connect
9:08 Examples of how Light Language manifests
11:11 Finished Light Language painting & my thoughts

light language – how to connect and use it to create a life you love

July 7, 2023

HOW TO CONNECT TO LIGHT LANGUAGE. A Channeled Message from the Ursa Minor Collective. 

Lets do a fun visualization to connect with Light Language! The Ursa Minor Collective share a unique exercise that helps you to connect with your natural ability to access Light Language. They share examples on how to do it easily and how Light Language can be used by you. Plus they examples of how Light Language manifests on earth which may validate some thoughts you’ve had about it already.

The channeled message plays while you watch me create an art piece they brought through with this info and transmission activation encoded within.

this original piece and others are available in the shop


Thank you for being on the earth plane at this time dear one.
Thank you for being you


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