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How to Channel Sprit like a Boss

How to Connect with Spirit

Your Spiritual Journey is like a box of chocolates. Take a bite out of everything so you know what you like! Then go back for what you love, leave what you don’t.

But always remember to take care of yourself along the way

Hi, I’m Tanya and I work as a conduit for spirit.
As opposed to a medium, who works with humans who have passed over. My ability is as a direct channel connecting with a variety of energies and groups of consciousness. Ranging from the elementals and spirits of nature to angelics, ascended masters, higher light beings and councils, plus galactic starseed groups. Even beings who represent themselves solely as frequency and emotion rather than a name.

As a clear channel, my process is having a conversation and expressing it through me as a blended experience and voice, I do not edit what comes through.


YES! you can channel spirit… but it helps if you’re ready

In the past I was so excited that I was making a connection that I jumped in head first and had no clue that I should be taking care of myself! There was just so much delight in finally having something ‘tangible’ happen! Not like I was touching something, but rather l finally felt like something was definitely happening that wasn’t being made up by me.


Everyone can Channel
And trusting your intuition is the first step. What I just mentioned was a huuge milestone for me. However that’s for another post! Today I want to share some tips to get you there in a way thats full of self love and respect. And maybe you can learn from my mistakes.


So what can channeling Spirit tell us?
I mean other than the messages that they want to bring through ; -) Well, there is a host of opportunities to learn and grow and expand as a spiritual light being hanging out on the earth plane having this awesomesauce experience of density.

What I wanted to share with you here is how important it is to know what works for you and what does not. That’s the FUN part of your spiritual journey; using your discernment to pick and choose all the different things available. Kind of like trying out all the chocolates! Because if there chocolate involved, count me In LOL


Seriously though, it’s so important to explore
Teachings, methods, tools and experience. All the goodies we have available to us in this timeline.

Most importantly, to remember that along the way it’s vital to let go of what doesn’t work… regardless of who’s telling it to you. If it doesn’t resonate, if you don’t feel it in your heart, if it doesn’t bring you joy or excitement or creativity, it’s okay to let it go. The flip side? Hold on to what does.

Remember there’s no right or wrong here.
It’s your journey and you get to decide where you’re going.


If I were to create a beginner channeling starter pack
First and foremost, I would be sure that it included information on how to take care of yourself as a complete being! So we’re talking about mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and yes gals, financial boundaries here. (I’ve written about this in other places and you can always ask me in the comments you want more info.)

As is being very clear about your personal energy. What can you do and not do? What do you want to do and not do? Kind of vital stuff to know before getting started. Stuff I didnt pay much thought to.


Personally, I work with a huge group of spirit but I have 6 closest to me. Always part of my sessions. Yet most on task is Archangel Michael – hes my guy. <3

He lets me know who is available to have a conversation and also helps with my boundaries being clear and focussed. Just as important, allowing only those of the highest vibration to come through. And I’m not talkin about ‘positive vibes only’ spiritual propaganda here. Rather, I mean energies and consciousness’ of the highest frequency. And on top to that, only those in alignment with the work or sessions that I am doing.


This took me years to learn, but it doesnt have to be that way for you.  I would love it pass this knowledge on so that you don’t have to go through what I have.

For most of my adult life I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and illness / dis-ease. I’ve been on a wonderful road of recovery the last few years and I can tell you that one of the biggest turnarounds for me was being super clear in my energetic boundaries.

*cringe alert!*
I used to channel without boundaries. Ugh. I know. I’m shaking my head at myself over here.  I didn’t know who was coming through, I would channel for hours without stopping even though my body was literally vibrating and shaking with energy. I didn’t understand how energy can flow through and out – and instead was holding it in my body. I felt sticky after sessions and didn’t know I had taken on others emotional and physical ailments. And the list goes on.

No wonder I was exhausted for weeks after a readings!

Every time I Channel it is a new experience. There’s always something to learn.
Most recently with a group I had never connected with before; the Agarthan Collective of inner earth. I had a wonderful opportunity which presented itself in the form of exhaustion.

Their energy is so chillax. I kept feeling like I was falling asleep. Speaking their words, but not feeling present. Same thing happened when I edited out the background noise in the audio.

So what was going on?
Here was another opportunity for me to say well hello Tanya! Are you being clear in your boundaries? Did you remember to set your intention not just for the session but for your physical body?

When I had asked for any energy to come through, I wasn’t clear enough. I asked that it flow though and in doing so only that which was in alignment for my healing could affect me. So while feeling sleepy and grounded is definitely healing, its not so conducive to being present. Every time I listen to the session I chilled out to the point that I just wanted to have a sleep.

Awesome for stress and anxiety reduction. Not so much for editing and productivity haha


Here’s your takeaways for today:
Yes, you can Channel Spirit if you are so inclined! However taking the time to really understand who you are, what you want out of the experience, having really good boundaries in place and knowing that you have spent the time to love and respect yourself enough to do the work beforehand is what takes you into the space of being able to do it easily. As opposed to the frustration and stress that comes with rushing. Or forcing yourself into a situation that you might not be ready for.

The most important thing is to trust your intuition. Those tiny little feelings that we push aside because we think they’re not valid or our mind is making things up or whatever other reasons we come up with. That is where the magic happens sister, that is where the connection starts. and learning to love, light, trust and respect yourself is the key to all the doors!

& ways to channel spirit like a boss!

7 Tips to Channel Spirit like a Boss

  1. everybody can Channel, it’s just a matter of trusting your intuition

  2. before you Channel ask yourself why you’re doing it and what the outcome will be

  3. get all your boundaries in place!

  4. get your spirit posse lined up and think about asking one of them to be a gatekeeper

  5. set your intention for your session – including the effect on your physical and energetic bodies

  6. create an awesome space for your channeling

  7. then get started knowing that you have loved yourself enough to create a wonderful outcome

Hope you found this useful and if you did, please comment below. really helps me know if I should continue to share this type of teaching

If you are so inclined and feel like you need a really good relax time or are curious about the Agarthan Collective of beings from inner earth, you can check out my channeled video below.


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3 thoughts on “How to Channel Sprit like a Boss”

  1. Hi I just found you! I’m from Vancouver. I would love to hear more about what you do. I saw your Lyran channel and was suddenly like, “I think I can (and should) be doing this!” I’m definitely interested! Keep posting!

    1. Thanks Deanna for popping by and sharing your experience! Let me know if you tried channeling – I believe its an innate ability for all of us. Simply a matter of giving it a go. If you’re looking for more videos with art, lightcodes and messages from the Lyrans, check out my playlist here. You can find my on the daily over on Instagram @tanyakucey and I upload videos every week on my Youtube Channel Lightcode

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