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How being in the flow helps me channel for starseeds. A personal share.

A few months ago, after over a year of what I like to call radio silence, I followed my intuition.
I was getting those near imperceptible nudges to offer readings again. Only this time it was very different! It wasn’t the full spectrum of whom I was connecting with more frequently; the Nature Spirits and Elementals. Ascended Masters or Angelic realms . Rather, It’s been zoning in on connecting people with their star seed origins and or galactic family. 
Not going to lie, I was feeling pretty tentative!
Not because of who I’ve been channeling. Nope, thats the easy part.
But because I didn’t want to repeat my past.

This time I needed to be sure I was ready to do this work in balance and not burn out! Where my perfectionistic nature to overdeliver with readings and connections which truly help and validate was still in-check with maintaining my self-love and self respect.

That means damn fine boundaries (for people AND spirit!) and not over taxing my energetic and nervous system. Because that’s what I used to do in the past.

I used to give everything and then feel exhausted.
Often for much too low of an energetic and financial exchange. I’d spend hours of time creating graphics, doing social media and then answering all the questions. Dont get me wrong, I loved that!. But left unchecked, or continuing to do it when it was from a place of lack or anxiety leads to burnout and resentment and self-loathing. Blarf.

My setup and channels aren’t forced. The information and messages coming forward are activating, supporting and being validated by the wonderful Ive been working with. And every single person I read for has given me absolutely stellar testimonials. (Thank you thank you )


Just as importantly I love the experience!
It’s making me feel happy, excited and anticipating the next reading. I don’t feel exhausted or like it’s an ” I have to do it” experience. Nor feeling like I’m going to let someone down if it’s not done in a particular way.

I’m still my über sensitive, highly in tune and joy-filled self. With an overwhelming desire to share knowledge that helps people in their spiritual and Awakening journey. Yet, now there is balance.

When you are in flow and balance, channeling and readings are much more potent. For both sides.

I cannot imagine a better place to be when it comes to this work. I feel blessed, in gratitude and so delighted to be in this now moment. And I wish you the same for you. In your work and personal life.


Thank you for taking a couple moments out of your day to read my experience.

If it resonates or you wish to share some of your own experiences, please comment below. I love hearing from you.


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