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Antarian Starseed Channeled Message

A Message From The Antarian Galactic Council Of Light

Ever wonder about the meaning of Antarian Starseeds? What they are like? Maybe you are one?

Oh the sweet, playful and joyful energy that is the Antarian Council of Light! As part of my ongoing series of channeling different Starseed or Galactic families, I had a sit down and conversation yesterday with this beautiful group of energy beings.

I feel it’s really important as a lightworker and starseed to tap into your intuition. And your discernment. There is so much content on the web about starseeds and because any of us who channel are actually creating a blended energy of ourselves and spirit, there can be a variety of opinions on the impressions and information shared.

I firmly believe that there is no right or wrong. Ther eis only the impression made upon you and whether it resonates. Or not.

Information you come across will benefit you in one way or another. Either to provide you with something that feels right, that feels “like home”. Or to give you an opportunity to use your boundaries and judgment as to whether or not it is energy that you want to bring into your own personal field.

My discussions and channeled messages with spirit and galactics are generally conversational but sometimes direct messages. In those cases, I act specifically as a conduit. With no interpretation whatsoever in the words, diction or grammar.

Often they are specific to the current energy. Or a message to groups as a whole.

I have yet to have a conversation where I have been given specific ‘starseed personality traits’. There are a lot of websites out there that offer up this information, but my role here is to basically bring forth energetic and supportive messages.

Such was the case here with the Antarians.

you are a joy filled being. So let’s use that joy to assist – that is part of your work – your mission. To recall your joy and share it with others

One of the other things I find wonderful about sitting with spirit beings is that I get to enjoy their energy field. And so this is where the channeled paintings come from. I never know what’s going to come through and I’m always fascinated by the beauty, patterns of light and energy and differences between the groups.

In this case, a particular shape kept coming through: a pseudo geometric diamond that has a blunt edge at one of the tips. It’s an unusual shape and even after researching it a bit, I couldn’t tell tell you much about it other than it’s definitely Antarian energy. Because it kept repeating and also as I’ve not painted it before!

If you enjoy the art you can find it in my Lightcode Paintings. High quality Giclée prints are available on watercolor paper with an option to add on additional metallic paint for the beautiful sparkle you see on the original.

I’ve created the video below so that you can get a feel for their energy, see the art and hear the transmission directly.

If you feel a call to the Antarians, you may also wish to work with Starbrary Quartz crystals that have a similar energy.  They aren’t very common and for me I find they have a high vibration. One good to assist in transmuting dense energies and helping to release any that are stagnant, discordant or feel like blockages.

And now a channeled message from the Antarian Council of Light
(transcript below)

March 4, 2021

(notes in parentheses added for clarity)

To create is to pull the recollection of the other into the current experience.
For you there – to create into density from thought forms – is remembering imprints. Yet these (imprints) are ones you have created for yourself. that is your challenge Antarian Earth Crew: to remember your joy!
I know that it is time to release so much seriousness. The density weighs you down and forgetting who you are was necessary. Yes, now it is time to awaken. Rise up and embrace the light and joy within you! This is how you create change. One at a time, but it amounts to millions, you see?
so be the light you are. Let go of worry and perceived judgment. Simply because you thank you will be judged for being yourself does not mean it will come to fruition. it is simply knowing and trusting who you are.

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