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Andromedan Starseed channeled message

Whether you identify as an Andromedan or not, the message is the same:

allow yourself the space to be who you are, enjoy the experiences of being human and be sure to ground so the energy flows through

The art you see is channeled through me for them. A painting of their energy. A portal, gateway and activation to remembering. If you enjoy the art you can find it in my Lightcode Paintings. High quality Giclée prints are available on watercolor paper with an option to add on additional metallic paint for the beautiful sparkle you see on the original.

I’ve created the video below so you can get a feel for their energy, see the art and hear the transmission directly.

If you feel a call to the Andromedan, you may also wish to work with Starbrary Quartz crystals that have a similar energy.  I love them for to those who are beginning to access their innate abilities of intuition and connecting with higher consciousness. And feeling you are being pulled into your service work for Humanity, our planet Gaia, her animals, plants and energies.

And now a channeled message from the Andromedan Council of Light
(transcript below)

Originally Channeled February 28 , 2021

We love humans! Being Human. All that it has to offer.
we are healers, practitioners, support crew. The firefighters, nurses and teachers.

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