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Ametrine Crystal Meaning

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is balance, yin/yang and a connection between physical and spiritual realms.

Use ametrine when you feel out of balance.

When you need the harmonizing combination of amethyst and citrine.

And when you feel out of sorts
Yet cannot quite figure out why.

It is comprised of amethyst and citrine growing within the same courts crystal. so it makes perfect sense that it is all about the blending of these two energies and the balance between them. Ametrine supports balance in many ways including masculine versus feminine, self-confidence versus arrogance, connection versus addiction and blocks versus creativity.

Be mindful to purchase and use the real crystal as unfortunately the market is saturated with many fakes. It is easy to produce; just as fake citrine is baked amethyst (with the telltale sign of deep amber color) so too will be the fake ametrine.

Look for pieces that have a natural blending between the two colors and are often paler or translucent.

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