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Agarthan Collective of Inner Earth Channeled Message

A message from the agarthan collective of inner earth

It is a time of many opportunities. One of your choices is to decide if you wish to be an anchor of light at this time…Ultimately it is a matter of connecting to the energy that is you. To remember who you are. That within your heart, the love that radiates out is your true essence. And that in being able to accept this you are allowing others to see that they may do the same

You do not need to identify as a starseed to benefit from this relaxing and deeply grounding transmission from the Agarthan Collective of Inner Earth.

Regardless of when you hear this message, the timing will be right for you.

As this is a longer transmission, I suggest finding a relaxing place to be and allowing yourself to be guided into a grounded and meditative space.

The energy of the Agarthan Collective is very calming. If you do fall asleep during the transmission, that is perfectly okay!

Know that you are still receiving the message, support, information and frequency that they wished to share.

You are a beautiful being of light. Thank you for being on the planet at this time. Thank you for being you.


I also offer intuitive guidance sessions and channeled readings for starseeds and lightworkers.

Originally Channeled Apr 25, 2021


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